Changes that Heal 

8-week group


This group will utilize Dr. Henry Cloud’s recovery and growth text, Changes that Heal, as well as the accompanying work.  Men and women are welcome. The needed materials can be purchased here and brought to the first session. Materials to bring: Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud, Changes that Heal workbook. This group is offered in person and as an online recovery group.


BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery

12-week group


This group is for families who have an addicted loved one. Whether the addiction is drugs or alcohol, gambling, sex, food, etc..., all are welcome. The curriculum for this group is Beverly Buncher's BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery which can be purchased here. Beverly states, "Everybody's telling you to get rid of them, to kick them out and cut them off - but it doesn't feel right. After trying countless ways to deal with the situation, hopelessness sets in, leaving you with no choice but to stand by and watch." Inside BALM, Beverly Buncher opens your eyes and shows you the truth--it's false to say there's nothing you can do. 

This step-by-step guide to family recovery teaches you how to:

  • Erase judgments
  • Regain inner calm and peace
  • Become aware of triggers
  • Set and stick to boundaries to achieve peace in the home